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RubyConf India 2011

India's second RubyConf is happening in Bangalore in May 2011. RubyConf India is presented by the Ruby Community in India and supported by RubyCentral and the Innovation & Technology Trust.
Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore
28th & 29th May


To have a look at the speakers and talks this year, click here.

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Registration for RubyConf India 2011 is closed.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Call for Sponsors for RubyConf India 2011 is closed.

Participation Information

The final list of speakers is available here. The reviewers are Chad Fowler, author of "The Passionate Programmer" and Ola Bini, core-committer to JRuby since 2006.

Watch this space (or follow us on twitter) for more updates on the conference.

Travelling from outside Bangalore? Absolutely fine 'Couch Surfing'? You may find folks willing to put you up here.

You can also find accommodation close to the conference location. Click here to find out more about the place.

If you are a female technologist interested in RubyConf India, but are unable to attend due to accommodation constraints, then ThoughtWorks, our Platinum Sponsor, will provide you with safe and comfortable accommodation near the venue. Please contact Judy for more information.

A word from the organizers

When organizing a big conference like RubyConf India, mistakes sometimes happen.

A few days ago, we sent out a mail to all delegates reminding them to bring their tickets to the event. In our hurry to send out this email, we added the email addresses of the participants in the Cc field of the email, instead of the Bcc field where they should have been. As a result, a number of email addresses were inadvertently shared with other participants.

This was a huge error on our part, and we apologize sincerely.

The RubyConf India Organizing Team

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